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Beaphar Shampoo range for all pets

The Beaphar Shampoo range

The Beaphar Shampoo range is specially formulated for pets to promote a soft and glossy coat whilst leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean. The shampoos are enriched with Aloe vera and an extra active ingredient like Manuka honey, green tea extract, almond oil or camomile.

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Wound Ointment
Combines the healing properties of honey and turmeric with Aloe vera and essential oils to soothe, protect and aid the healing of superficial wounds, dry and irritated skin.
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Eye Lotion
Specially formulated, dual-action, eye lotion to soothe and clean your pet’s eyes. Contains MSM to help rejuvenate skin cells and support the sensitive skin around the eyes, and saline to help the eyes to naturally flush out any dust and debris.
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Shampoo Long Coat Dog
Beaphar Shampoo Long Coat Dog is a mild shampoo specially formulated for long-haired dogs. The formula helps nourish the skin, thoroughly clean the hair and best of all prevents the hair from damaging by brushing afterwards. This product is pH neutral.
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